Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn (Dec 21 - Jan 19)
You will find success through hard work and effort. Gain in business and a strong flow of material affluence are seen. Skillful work done by you will be both awarded and appreciated. A good time to start project, help is promised for those in business and the time and conditions are right to facilitate success. You will not experience any delays in any matter, and speedy solutions will come your way. It is a time for taking initiative or charge. You may need to undertake important journeys and correspondence for your business. Another thing that you are very emotional, control of passion against your baser instincts is need now. You should be generous and make a resolve to try for reconciliation.

Career Horoscope

Changes are possible to go on 'over head' and there may be space 'at the top' for you as soon as now or as far out as Jan or March '13. Being driven on a task is likely the 11th and communications and details are serious to success.

Love Horoscope

Sex and sexual activities might become an issue or theme of discussion near the 10th and if it does, it would behoove you to hold this one with kid leather gloves. Tact, tact and more tact emerges to be necessary. Single Caps illustrate very promising with long range possible and life lone promise expected.

Health Horoscope

The osseous system, the skin, teeth, hair and the gall bladder will worry your health. Be also very wary about your eating behavior. You may experience high blood pressure also.

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