Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius (Nov 21 - Dec 20)
These are slightly stressful times for you as so many planets combine in your twelfth house. You have a lot of positive social, professional, religious and travel-related energy in your life this month. You are very outwardly focused and are doing well within these topics. However, these seem to be some drama surrounding your ability to juggle your public and your private lives. Whatever is creating the stress ends in a few weeks from now, so things should turn out fine?

Give the minutest of things your attention in your professional life or you may lose heavily. Differences with your spouse may cause you metal tension; those in love should avoid commitments now as there are bound to be changes in your relationship now. Travels for work/business will be profitable.

Career Horoscope

Several choices and changes are pointed to the 10th to 12th this week and several may go on 'over head' or 'out of sight' and sift down to you near the 13/14th. Some may emerge 'bad' at the time but may hold 'unseen opportunity' and the chance for you to demonstrate what you can do.

Love Horoscope

Romantic love may set out from 'bad to better' this week with little challenges by the 10th and 12th most expected, perhaps due to 'too many questions' or the ones you ask. Single Archers illustrate very promising chance near the 'low key'.

Health Horoscope

You might have troubles with your robustness, so don't make too much physical effort. In this week, the head and the nose will be more susceptible.

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