Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 20)
This is a great time for launching international marketing and advertising campaigns, new social networking goals, and/or to begin a new journey involving political, religious, cultural, legal, and academic or mass media related activities. Friends, teammates, business colleagues, or someone you meet online could share information with you that inspires you to take on a completely new philosophical approach to life. Three planets in your twelfth house indicate that most to the time you are simply struggling to find a balance between your private life and your public one. It could be that a boss is too demanding right now and it is upsetting your personal life. Or you are reaching home late because you have to take on too much responsibility at work. Possibilities of mistakes by your subordinates, especially in written matters may prove troublesome.

Career Horoscope

Good news is expected near the 10th but there may be a few level of delay or difficulty allied to it and you may have to travel or deal long space to fix it. Mind to detail is necessary near both the 10th and yet again the 11th.

Love Horoscope

Romantic love proves some rather steamy energy near the 10/11th but be cautious to not come off as 'demanding' as your inside emotions and drives may reason you to come out. Singles show outstanding opportunities by the 14th to 16th and some hold promising future or all-time commitment levels.

Health Horoscope

Be cautious to avoid grave problems. Be alert of accidents, particularly in the head region! The male genitals will also be quite susceptible.

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