Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus (Apr 19 - May 19)
It's quite rare for the practical Taurean to ever lose control of rational and pragmatic matter of fact way. But what is happening now is exactly the opposite with you getting illusions coupled with an inability to see things clearly. This might result in some depression, as it's almost like you seem to have lost your grip of your daily life. But now your unconscious mind shall be active and you will have dreams and psychic impressions which shall guide you in the right direction. Those in the entertainment industry need to be careful about who they are moving around with, be careful of who you trust your secrets with. This is a mixed week and past efforts and past associations will bring in happiness and realization of a dream. Only advice is to be careful of speech, keep your tongue in check.

Career Horoscope

Struggling alongside some level of hardship while annoying to choose 'the right thing to do' is likely for a small cross section of Bulls the 10th; stand if you need to. Expenses too much and/or annoying too hard the 12th are a feasible danger; think it throughout to the end spiritually before obligating.

Love Horoscope

Some Bulls may see position 'bite the dirt' close to the 10th through mistake that if handle well and punctually, may be recovered. Still others of you may discover a wonderful chance to 'really impress' a partner with your abilities and aptitudes.

Health Horoscope

You can look for an upgrading in mental and physical fitness on the complete. Good health is pointed to all this week.

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