Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini (May 20 - Jun 20)
You have been getting restless of late; those working may be trying to change their residence, job or possibly both. But these should be delayed for a few weeks. Sudden desires and impulses are common now. New openings, especially at work, if in business, new projects should be aggressively pursued, but don't take impulsive actions. This is the time where you lay the foundation for future success. However, aspect of Mars on your ascendant gives you the aggression and strength to fight competitive situations.

With so many planets in your 6th house, you do need to be careful of your health, especially the liver and abdomen for some more time. Litigation, contracts, settlement have had a bearing in the past. Those involved in litigations will get the strength to overpower their enemies. Amicable and favorable resolution of conflicts is seen.

Career Horoscope

Several problems may require resolving near the 10th with great diplomacy. How you are observed, how calm and professional you act, may create all the dissimilarity in what Mr. Big does next. Promotions are expected but not if you mislay view of your objectives and agree to too much private issue invasion.

Love Horoscope

Romance is not fine this week for single or paired Twins and termination is a feasible risk and may be enduring in some cases. And speaking of the space, single Twins appear to have both fresh friends and new love concern opportunities carried.

Health Horoscope

New exercises and expressive tension can cause bother and tensions. You may end up overeating in eating or drinking which may be the reason of many problems.

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