Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra (Sep 22 - Oct 22)
A tempestuous relationship which you recently got into will begin to look shaky, so be prepared if it suddenly snaps, otherwise you will be to blame for allowing yourself to be cheated later. At work, there might be a fortunate end to a valued project or venture, but it may also mean birth of a new project instead. Celebration on an auspicious occasion is also seen. Tuesday/Wednesday is better avoided for financial decisions and Saturday shall be favorable for profits in a real estate venture. There will also be sudden developments which might disturb the peace at home. Women desirous of beauty treatments or cosmetic surgery can go for them now because Venus is strongly placed in your charts. Your position at work continues to be commanding.

Career Horoscope

Swiftness pays the 10th, sympathy with sincerity the 11th, off side and out of sight maintain the 12th, the direct loom the 13th and silence with or around influence people unless 'asked' the 14th to form an ideal, booming 'game plan' for your work/career week.

Love Horoscope

Some little challenges may face the 10/11th but how you hold them and the approach you enter the swap with may make 'all the variation' especially if ego, sex, behavior. Give a 'calming atmosphere' draw them out, demonstrate your talents and abilities.

Health Horoscope

Health problem are specified for the asthmatic patients. So, be more careful and extra yourself more! Healthy food can help you prevent many problems.

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