Easter Holiday

The arrival of spring symbolizes regeneration and rebirth, a renewal of life, a sense of hope and brings with it the magic and charm of very ancient festivals like Easter. The history behind Easter, the most vital Christian festival, is one of osmosis of two ancient customs - the Pagan and Judeo-Christian celebrations of death and resurrection.

These celebrations were customarily occurring on or after the Spring Equinox. Easter as a representation of Christ's resurrection is a very latest phenomenon in the history of Christianity. Easter holiday is the best time when the family and friends gather and celebrate the occasion.

Easter holidays are the ideal time to plan an outing with your near and dear. It is the perfect time to make long awaited holiday plans work out for your family and friend. Every one fined the best tourist destinations all over the world to plan out an ideal vacation.

Various cities and countries of the world have lot to offer to the tourists. From mouthwatering delicious cuisines to exotic cruising experiences, you can choose whatever destination and activities you want for the Easter Vacation.

Majorca, Spain : Sun, hills and beaches, …the wonderful mixture of luxury and nature can make your Easter holidays in Spain a memorable experience. Majorca present the best of scenic beauty to its visitors…from golden beaches to rugged hills, Majorca is the place to be if your have a knack for adventures.

Cervinia, Italy : Cervinia is beautiful place and if you love with snow and skiing resorts. Italy is the haven of ski, Cervinia presents you the best of skiing resorts and activities to take pleasure in your stay at the valleys. The white sheet of snow and skiing trails for sure will make your Easter vacation a memorable one.