When is Easter

Easter is sacred and most considerable festival of Christians observed for rebirth of Jesus Christ from dead. It is a week celebration consisting many of renowned activities and traditions. Christians around the world are greatly involved in this sacred festival and arrange several of activities to enjoy. Easter has no fix date of celebration as other holidays, so it is called movable fiesta. However, the festival is usually observed between March 22 and April 25 every year. Festivity of Easter in churches usually falls on first Sunday following the full moon. Most Christians generally utilize the Julian calendar to determine that when Easter Day will fall but it is celebrated throughout a week or two that follow the Gregorian calendar.

Easter is rally a festival of the Christian church year as countered to single day ceremony. Lent, 40 days phase leading to Easter Sunday, is a great observance time of manifestation and self-punishment and symbolizes also the 40 days that Jesus Christ spent unaccompanied in backwoods before starting his ministry. As higher significance of Easter, it has also commercial importance during the festive time. It supported by the masses of jelly beans and marshmallow chicks usually become visible into shops every spring.

Easter holds many of traditions including Easter eggs, bunnies and candy etc such are the most significant part of this holy festival. Here you can find the when is Easter that clarifies the exact dates of celebration. We describe the ester dates in the chart given below year wise that help to know the festival dates for particular year.

YearEaster Day / Date
2022Sunday, 17th of April.