Father's Day Date

When there are mother's Day, children Day than why not to celebrate fatherhood. After all, our father is the most important person in our life. Father's Day is celebrated in the month of June in every year. Father's Day date in 2023 falls on June 21 Sunday, which is a big celebration time in western countries like USA and UK. Generally, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in most of the countries.

Father's Day is all about gift-giving, dinning time with family members. We take time to remember our forefathers for their contribution towards us. It's believed that, Father's Day was first celebrated on June 5 in 1908 in West Virginia. Everyone has a different way of celebrating Father's Day. Here, we are giving some best ways to tell your father Happy Father's Day.
  1. Flowers - Everybody loves to be pampered with bunch of flowers and your father too. If your father has special liking to any flower than make some arrangements to wish him on this special day.
  2. Sending Card or Picture - If your father is staying away from you than, sending a Father's Day wishing card is absolutely cool.
  3. Cooking - This is a best way to make him feel proud. You can serve him by cooking his favorite food.
  4. Dinner - Having tasty meal in near by restaurant is indeed a great choice to celebrate Father's Day.

Father's Day is not very popular in India but these days, children are not shying away to give a hug by wishing a Happy Father's Day on this day. We never under estimate the contribution of our father and we can't repay to him. This is a time to just remember him and spend some quality time in order to feel special. Our father is the sole identity for us until we created an identity for ourselves.

Some prefer to celebrate it by organizing some special events like reading poems and singing songs for the memory of their father. There are lots of activities are going to be happen on Father's Day in this year, which falls on June 17 in 2013. Younger generation in India these days celebrating almost all customs and festivals so, celebrating Father's Day is not a big task for them.