Father's Day Quotes

We celebrate father's day in order to commemorate his contribution to our life. No one can replace him in our life. His influence is immense and too difficult to imagine. Father's day quotes are nothing but some thoughtful messages written for the purpose of our father, grand father and fore fathers.

There are lots of ways to remember him like sending father's day greetings cards, sending text messages and sms are name of few. Some of the famous father's day quotes are here.
  1. One father is more than hundred school masters -
    by George Herbert
  2. Father is the greatest gift by god to us in the world.

Father's Day Sayings

Our father never shows his love openly unlike our beloved mother or grand mother. We all know, mother is the epitome of love and affection. Father's day sayings are really nice to listen as it comes from your heart. Who doesn't want to say love you papa or please forgive me, I like you very much. Everybody turns into a loving child to express their love and emotions.

As father's day is not as much as popular in India, but, we never mind to celebrate it in a lavish way. This is very popular in western countries but in each passing day Indians are celebrating like any other Indian festivals. Those, who are missing their father can send some beautiful messages and sayings with father's day greetings cards.