New Year Prayer

New year prayers are an internal part of the new years eve and should be performed by every individual. There is a huge collection of New Year prayers available on the internet. You can get number of prayers along with lyrics on the internet.

Whether be any special event or occasion, a prayer to lord is a must as it gives you the strength to move forward with the new beginnings in life. The lyrics of the prayer should include thanks to the lord who has always helped you in every sphere of life and blessed you with all the basic necessities needed to live a peaceful life. Making resolutions at the beginning of the year is a regular practice that most of the people follow but there are some who just start the beginning with a prayer to lord thanking him for whatever he has given and asking for blessings to further to lead a peaceful life.

However, every family and every individual has a different style of welcoming new beginnings in their life; some welcome it by praying to go whereas some simply let it go. The New Year is full of uncertainties and crowded with fears, therefore it is very important to pray lord asking for the blessings and the strength, power to handle the difficult tasks and progress in future. We pray to lord that this new year may bring us closer to him, giving him more time than the other materialistic things. The New Year prayer consists of thanks and helping us celebrate the gifts that lords has graciously gifted us.

Catholic New Year Prayer

Catholic new year prayer is mainly dedicated towards thanking the lord for whatever he has graciously given us whenever in need. The prayer depicts the love and trust that we have in the almighty. The catholic new prayer is followed by the following wordings:

Let us accept you in our lives, in the way it pleases you,
As Truth, to be spoken,
As Life, to be lived,
As Light, to be lighted,
As Love, to be followed,
As Joy, to be given,
As Peace, to be spread about,
As sacrifice, to be offered among our relatives, friends, neighbors and all people.