New Year Dates

New year dates are considered as one of the most important dates of the year. According to the Georgian calendar, January 1 is the popular occasions in India but many people throughout India celebrate new year in many other dates and occasions. For example- baisakhi is a new year for Sikh and throughout Punjab, Christmas is a new year for Christians and diwali is a new year in Hinduism.

These new year dates are celebrated with great pomp and splendor all over the world. people celebrate these festivals with high spirits of enthusiasm, dress traditionally and colorfully, indulge themselves in various fun activities such as singing, dance performances and party activities.

Nightclubs, bars and discs are all full with party lovers. On new years, people greet each other with their warm wishes and blessings for a great life ahead. Exchanging warm wishes messages, greeting cards and gifts is a tradition on new years. Mainly, the new year begins from January 1 but the real celebration and excitement to welcome the new year starts from the 31st December every year. Every city dazzles out with breathtaking fireworks, party, events and carnivals and as new years is a holiday season, many people prefer traveling abroad to cities like new York, London and Thailand where new year celebration is as beautiful as a flower.

New Year gives everyone the time to sort out all their issues and start a new beginning. Beginning of the new year is the perfect time to send new year wishes to one and all and bless them with good wealth, health, and prosperity. You will be surprised to new years are celebrated many times all through the 12 months of the year. New Year dates and times of some of the most significant new years celebrated across the globe.

Month wise New Year Date

Month wise new year date represent each occasion celebrated with great excitement and enthusiasm. Month wise calendar gives you an ease to recognize and determine your holidays and new year celebration of the year. Indian festivals are celebrated by various cultures and rituals. The colors of Indian heritage cherish the festivals and add an extra spirit of enthusiasm throughout the festival season. New year is observed on January 1 but the celebration for the day begins from the 31st December, every year.