New Years Traditions

New Year is the time to wish and expect for something new. On this day people from all parts of the world irrespective of their caste, creed, color and religion come together to celebrate and enjoy. Each and every festival and occasion has distinct tradition and custom and like that new year has some specific traditions, which is followed by people around the world.

New year traditions are not the same everywhere. Every family but in fact country has its own style and custom for celebrating new year. There are multitude of traditions followed with an aim to celebrate the new year with true cause and meaning. Some celebrate this day by preparing certain traditional food items; some plan a trip somewhere at their favorite destinations spots, some throw out a grand party and some stay back at homes following the same old custom and rituals.

Commonly, new year tradition is limited to traditional food, music and new year clothing trends. Giving and receiving gifts is also a common tradition followed by all ages. There is always some reason behind everything and this means that there is some tradition and customs behind every festival. With the change in time there is little change in traditions but people still follows those traditions.

Fine difference between antiquated and existing pattern of New Year celebration is just because of change on generation and thinking. But one thing is still common and i.e. New Year brings excitement and pleasure in life. It gives you chance to explore the life by entering into new year. This is special festival in the world and people of almost every age group are excited about it. They celebrate this festival by following their New Year traditions. There are various new year in the world which is being celebrated all over the world. To name a few jewish new year, lunar new year, hogmanay,indian new year and many more. Same as there are various New Year traditions all over the world.

New Year's Tradition Around the World

Every country has their own new year tradition but few traditions are same in all the countries and followed till date. In few countries there is tradition of eating 12 grapes as the clock strikes 12, while in other countries following Hogmanay people sing "Auld Lang Syne", a traditional New Year poem, together following the New Year tradition of there country. These traditions are necessary to understand the culture and rituals of the country. Therefore we should always respect the traditions and customs.

Whatever may be the tradition and culture of new year but people never lose a chance to celebrate and enjoy. People in USA and UK are mostly making all kinds of fun activities and party on first of January in each and every year. Chinese are known for celebrating new year for whole week by bursting crackers and fireworks. Indians are also celebrate new year in a lavish way like some like to go on a vacation where some believe to arrange new year function and going for a local theatre to catch the latest play is the best way to celebrate new year.

Moving towards Hungary, a city of dreams, the traditions and rituals of this place are truly remarkable. They are not only rich in its form but are varied as its customs. There is much we have borrowed from them and there is a lot more to be borrowed because the new year traditions of Hungary in itself mark the beginning of a fresh and alluring new year ahead.