New Year Time Around the World

New year time around the world is a huge celebration. Well, every country has different perspective of celebrating an occasion but the theme and the purpose of celebrating new year is always the same every year. When it comes to the most happening places in terms of party, New York is ranked higher, London, on the other hand is popular and very well known for the new year parade.

The traditional and cultural feel that we get from India is unmatchable. Something that is very common and highlights every city in a most dazzling way is the fireworks. The spectacular firework at the midnight is an excellent and refreshing way to welcome new year with joy and enthusiasm. New year is among one of the few events, celebrated all over the world, it is a time when different traditions and cultures merge with the modern lifestyle to form a huge new year celebration, everyone can enjoy.

December 31st is commonly the most awaited days rather than 1st of January because the real celebration begins from the 31st December of every year. The entire celebration is followed by various new year activities, new year games and carnivals. Moreover, almost every nightclub, bar and restaurant arrange live shows and DJ nights on the 31st December to cheer up and welcome the new year in style and fun. New year in Thailand is the most awaited events of the year. To have all the fun, people travel to Thailand and experience the real pleasure of celebrating new year in a most romantic, thrilling and exciting ways.

New Year Countdown

New year countdown is an eye catchy event throughout the world. new year is an occasion celebrated widely across the universe with great pomp and show. The excitement and anticipation of new year countdown begins before the arrival of new year. As the clock rounds to twelve, the level of excitement and joy increases within everyone.

New year celebration is in the air and most of us have started preparing for the new year countdown. Normally, preparations for new year party and new year celebration should be made earlier in order to avoid last minute rush and inconvenience. If you are planning out a new year party, new year countdown will embark all the memorable times that will be a wonderful addition to our lives.

Planning out a new year party easy, but can be a bit time taking because you have to make sure that everything goes well and the arrangements are done on time. A list of all the required items can help you better organize the event carefully. A grand new year party with your loved ones and some of your closest ones is a beautiful celebration idea that will be remembered for life.

USA time Places
31 Dec 2013 - Mon 05:00 Places : Kiribati and Samoa, Kiritimati, Apia
31 Dec 2013 - Mon 05:15 Places : New Zealand, Chatham Islands
31 Dec 2013 - Mon 06:00 Places: New Zealand, Auckland, Suva, Wellington, Nukualofa
31 Dec 2013 - Mon 07:00 Places: Russia, Marshall Islands, Anadyr, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Funafuti, Yaren
31 Dec 2013 - Mon 07:30 Places: Norfolk Island, Kingston
31 Dec 2013 - Mon 08:00 Places : Australia, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Vladivostok
31 Dec 2013 - Mon 08:30 Places :Australia, Adelaide
31 Dec 2013 - Mon 09:00 Places : Australia, Brisbane, Guam, Port Moresby, Saipan
31 Dec 2013 - Mon 09:30 Places : Darwin (Australia - Northern Territory)