New Year Slogans

New Year Slogans are short written or spoken words or phrases, used for specific purposes, on around, or from the occasion of New Year. New year slogans point out or put emphasis on, or highlight certain issues from the start of a new year for any creative and noble objectives.

Since the New Year is the beginning of a new period of time, it is the best to start following a slogan or a campaign motivated by a slogan from this occasion of the year. Constructive, benevolent, ethical, social welfare, and environmental new year slogans can contribute greatly to the well-rounded development and happiness of the society and nation.

To make your new years memorable and welcome the new year in style and traditional way, it is fun to break out some favorite new year slogans. They add a warm and classic feel to the new year celebration, adding a meaningful effect to the celebration. New year slogans can also be added to new years eve parties and as a part of the new year decoration for your home.

The following are the most common and popular categories of New Year Slogans, in all across the world :

  • New Year Health Slogans
  • Auspicious New Year Slogans
  • Inspirational New Year Slogans
  • Happy New Year Slogans
  • Safety Slogans
  • Holiday Slogans
  • Environmental Slogans
  • New Year Funny Slogans
  • Slogans for a social or noble cause
  • Anti Alcohol/Drug Slogans
  • Departmental, Business, or Organizational Slogans.

New Years Slogans 2014

You can easily do well to and benefit your friends, relatives, co-workers, employees, business clients, business partners or associates, members of your organization, or the general people of society, through any creative, enlightening, noble, philanthropic, etc., new year slogans 2014, made in conformity with your personal, organizational, or social objectives. New year slogans are wise and elegant ways of highlighting or advising an issue or policy, for public and social welfare.

New Year slogans help in making a brave beginning with fresh and bright optimism, from the start of the year. We offer our percipient, discerning, and loyal visitors and customers of the world over, an extensive and exclusive collection of new year's slogans 2014, new year quotes 2014, new year greetings 2014, and new year quotations 2014, in addition to new year's poems and lyrics 2014, for their success and happiness. Some of our new year's slogans 2014, are entertaining, funny, amusing, soothing, and consoling, which can help you elegantly in rendering the heavy hearts of some of your friends and colleagues, light, cheerful, patient, and optimistic on the occasion of new year.