Symbols and Traditions to Celebrate The New Year 2024

New Year is a universal festival celebrated all across the world with different traditions and cultures. There are hundreds of rituals and customs comprise of their own unique ways of celebrating New Year. As we already mentioned we must end the current year to Julius Caesar, the "Julian Calendar" determined that the New Year began on January 1. The anniversary is always manifested by a rite, for example, or the winter solstice solstitial new year, imagined as a death and a rebirth of the Sun.

New Year's is a cheerful party, but also a little melancholy, memories and expectations for the New Year, there are a number of traditions, ancient and funny, and superstitious rites, to be respected. Each country has its own. In India it is celebrated in the streets outside the home, in Spain they eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight, in Japan you can drink sake and listen to 108 strokes of the gong for the countdown, in Russia it is open leads to the twelfth stroke of midnight to let the new year, while in some countries of Latin America there is purified by burning of papier mache dummies.

Here, we are not free from superstitious rites and propitiatory like red underwear for him and her, worn by the ancient Romans as a symbol of blood and war to remove the fear and then became a good luck for the New Year, funny for some and hot for other.

Besides these, there are many types of symbols and traditions to celebrate the New Year 2024 where each custom will celebrate with its own node. In the tradition of New Year, after you have woken up, is to leave the house with money in your pocket because it is a good omen for the beginning and if you meet an elderly person or a hunchback will really a lucky year, because the elderly is synonymous with long-lived life, the hunchback of luck. The customs of New Year vary from one tradition to another where lentils, sausage, pomegranate, red, bangers and fireworks, throwing things away old, see a man on the first day of the New Year.

In South America there is dressed all in yellow where as in Mexico, throughout the day you turn on and off the fire by throwing stones into the flames, pestles and wooden spoons, the Germans spent the New Year was all dressed up and disguised as a carnival whereas the Russia is, however, the only country where the New Year is celebrated for over two times on other hand in England, it is traditional to eat turkey with chestnut stuffing and Christmas pudding.

At table grapes and pomegranates & sausage & lentils bring luck and money, while the fireworks, when they snuff out lives, by evil spirits and purify from every adversity as well as being a spectacular way to greet the New Year. At midnight kiss under the mistletoe with a loved one brings love throughout the year, while the motto "What do you do on New Year all year," applies to everything else. These are just some of the best-known traditions, you might as well follow them all, just be careful not to get hurt with the fireworks, just to ruin a day that should not only be a good party.