Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 is the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. Chinese months are considered by the lunar calendar, with each month beginning on the darkest day. Chinese New Year festivities usually begin on the first day of the month and continue until the fifteenth, when the moon is brightest. People may get weeks of holiday from work to prepare for and celebrate the New Year in china. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2014 is the Year of the Horse, which starts on January 31, 2014, and ends on February 18, 2015. The Horse is the seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 Animal Signs.
In Chinese culture, the Horse is a symbol of nobility, class, speed and perseverance. People born in the Year of the Horse are smart, fabulous speakers who have a gift for getting through to other people. They believe that their aim in life is "to ask for individual liberty and happiness.

Chinese Lunar New year celebration

Chinese New Year is the most popular and important festival in Chinese culture. This Chinese New Year is celebrated on the new moon of the first month according to the lunar calendar, and is a time for family reunions and delicious feasts. Chinese New Year 2014 is on January 31, 2014. It is the Year of the Horse. Divided into a 12 year cycle, each Chinese lunar year is represented by an animal.

Similar to western astrology, the distinctiveness of the animal that rules a special year will define a person from that birth-year. Chinese new year is not considered as a religious event, it is make merry as main festival of the Chinese culture to be held with great response. The lunar calendar that changes every year, corresponds to the new moon phase in either late January and February, goes through the fifteen days, till the end of full moon.

Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration 2014

Called as Horse year, Chinese New Year is major holiday celebrated by Chinese people greatly. It is a time to get together with family and friend for reunion dinner and celebration. On this day, red clothing is worn out to distant away immorality spirits and bad destiny and new clothing also denotes beginning of new. People born in horse year are believed to be stylish, overenthusiastic, electrifying, imaginative and great speakers according to Chinese zodiac. These people are also whispered to be replete with energy and humorous. The Chinese lunar New Year celebration 2014 is leisurely coming that give opportunities to millions of people to have fun and enjoy. It will teach lots about the festival and clarify the reason why the festival is special in the China.