Chinese New Year Party

Chinese New Year is a most important festival and it is celebrated on the 1st date of lunar calendar. Chinese New Year party is a way of celebrating the auspicious festival. It is a time when people join together and celebrates. You can see the essence of festival during the Chinese New Year Party. People start preparing for the Chinese New Year party long before. Everybody gets into festive mood at the time of celebrations. People try to celebrate this auspicious occasion in a remarkable way. They use lots of ingenious and innovative Chinese New Year party ideas to make the festival beautiful.

Chinese New Year Party Supplies

Chinatown plates, cups, table covers, Dragon, Chinese New Year Scrolls, Red Envelopes, and Chinese New Year Napkins, Chinese New Year Dragon Marionette, Noise Makers, Party Dragons, Party cut outs, Chinese Umbrellas are famous New Year party supplies. Other than that mini takes out boxes, tassels, magnetic pin, and Chinese Character rubber bracelets are also popular Chinese New Year party supplies.

Chinese New Year Party Ideas

It is very essential to plan properly Chinese New year party. People try to organize by using creative Chinese New Year party ideas. This is a time when good luck enters into the lives of individuals. People celebrate this occasion with all the love and excitement. Some people love to party outside while other love to celebrate with the near and dear ones by organizing party. Some of the Chinese New Year party ideas are :
  • Decide the venue, time and list of guests.
  • Create unique and attractive New Year invitation cards and send it to all the required people. You can use readymade cards or can make homemade cards for the purpose of sending invites.
  • Decoration is another important part need to be considered. Use different colors and decorative items to decorate the party. Chinese New Year party suppliers will contribute a lot.
  • Using red color (Chinese good luck color), Peonies (Flower of Riches and Honor), Chinese lanterns and other Chinese New Year party suppliers is among one of the best Chinese New Year party ideas.
  • Plan out party food and beverages very carefully as food is something which is required by all and also attract many. There should be proper planning in respect of menu.
  • Try to plan out some interesting games to entertain guests, especially children. Chinese Zodiac game, treasure hunt and many other games are liked by many.
  • Give gifts to you guest. This will make them happy. Giving gifts is a best way to show your love and care.

By using all the above mentioned Chinese New Year party ideas you can make your party amazing and memorable.