About Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a longest and popular celebration which is also known as Lunar New Year. One of the best thing about Chinese New Year is its celebration all over the world. People celebrate it following all the traditions and rituals. It is an intresting 15 days celebration, celebrated following the Chinese New Year Calendar. Chinese food, Chinese music, songs, Chinese decoration using party supplies, Chinese calendar,and Chinese gifts each and every thing about Chienes New Year is very exciting and amazing. You can explore many new things while celebrating Chinese New Year. There are many other interesting facts about Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Traditions

People celebrates this festival following many Chinese New Year traditions. China is worldwide famous for its culture and tradition. Following Chienese New Year tradition, people clean their houses inviting good luck. They also paint their door and windows usually with red color because red color which is a traditional color. "Jiaozi", which means "sleep together and have sons" is a part of tradition as a long-lost wish for a framily. Other Chinese New Year traditions includes giving envelop filled with money to the children by parents when they greet them Happy New Year in the morning. Eating traditional food, celebrating together is also part of Chinese New Year Traditions.

Chinese New Year Food

On the occasion of New Year people enjoy traditional Chinese New Year food. Food is an important part of celebration. Chinese New Year is a special occasion and people celebrate this occasion with lots of excitement and fun. People enjoy Chinese New Year food throught the 15 days of celebration. Chinese New Year food also symbolizes many things like for example Pomelo is a symbol of abundance, prosperity, having children. Eggs is a symbol of fertility, egg rolls wealth, peanuts long life, oranges wealth, fish prosperity, chicken happiness and noodles long life. Chinese New Year food is very special for people and it includes Chinese dumplings, fish, spring rolls, nian gao and many more. This delicious and mouth-watering food make the celebrations incredible and tremendous.