Chinese New Year Gift

Gifting traditions is a very old tradition associated with the celebration of chinese new year. Exchanging gifts is very popular custom. Culture and traditions of china are worldwide famous. People celebrate all the festivals with proper rituals. Chinese New Year gifts are also very popular and they are personification of Chinese culture and traditions. Chinese New Year gift is trendy option.

Chinese New Year gift includes Chinese New Year cards, Chinese good fortune envelops, silver or gold plated cookie keepsake box, Chinese good luck coins, Chinese New Year bracelets, lucky bamboo, dragon on bridge, and Chinese abundance hanger set. Not only this, there are many other chinese new year gift available in the stores in different shapes and sizes and at different price. It is not very difficult to choose the gifts for your loved ones due to availability of various options.

Few Chinese New Year gift ideas are :
  • If you want to give gift to some female then Jewelry, Necklaces, Pendants are best gift ideas.
  • For male, go for some high tech gadgets like digital camera, planners, organizers, laptops, mobile, iPods, MP3. Gadgets are almost liked by all. Apart from this you can choose some sports items, Wine, desktop stationary and other required items.
  • Kids love toys and cookies therefore gift them candies, cookies, toys and other musical gifts or books. "Red Envelop" which is a part of Chinese New Year gift can be given to children following Chinese tradition. This envelop can be given to unmarried adults also by the married couples. This envelop is filled with lucky money.
  • Other gifts includes Lanterns, Chop Sticks, Bamboo Hats, Cane Umbrellas, Chinese fans, Statues, Postcards, Dry fruits, different flavors of wine and many other wonderful items.
  • Gifting Chinese calligraphy, which is great form of Chinese art, is among another important, wonderful and pleasant Chinese New Year gift ideas.
  • Giving flowers and lucky bamboo plants is also good option

On the occasion of chinese new year, if you are planning to gift something special to your loved ones than go for Chinese New Year gift baskets. There are many options of customized and personalized chinese new year gift baskets available in the stores. In fact there are wide number of options available online also. An online option saves your plenty of time.

There are number of baskets available symbolizing love, care, wealth, goodness, treasure and luck. These baskets are filled with dry fruits, chocolates, toys, goodies, gifts, wines, sweets and all the essential items. You can send these beautiful Chinese New Year gift baskets is a best way to convey you New Year wishes to you loved ones sealed with love and care.