More about Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year is considered as traditional holiday and boasts varied cultures of China. It has enthusiastically and joyfully celebrated by people of China and the celebration also admired in other countries. This section of chinese new year tells about when will celebration fall and also informed you about next two or three year celebrations. Here one can find Chinese calendar, cards, greetings, gifts, quotes etc. This section gives information about horoscopes, zodiac sign and animals. Chinese people all over the world celebrate the first full moon with a colorful street procession, called the Festival of Lanterns. People fill the streets carrying lanterns and join a great parade led by an enormous dragon. The Festival of Lanterns is believed to light the way for the New Year.You can be able to find information on party, music, crafts for children also. The Chinese people believe that evil spirits come around at New Year, so they let off firecrackers to frighten them away. People often seal their windows and doors with paper to keep the evil spirits out, as well. On New Year's Day, people dress in their best clothes and present one another with small gifts. For more Chinese New Year information, you must see this section given below.