Chinese New Year Music

Music is something which brings melody in the monotonous work schedule. All the celebrations are incomplete without music. Chinese New Year Music plays an important role in the celebrations of Chinese New Year. Chinese new year music is enjoyed by all. Sweetness of music also symbolizes the love and belief of Chinese people towards their culture.

Chinese new year music is a combination of both traditional and classic themes. New year is a time when everyone wants to enjoy the moment in an enthralling way, whether be it a party with friends at a club, or a private party at home with family, Chinese new year music is a must addition to it because the feel and the spirit of joy it brings is truly enchanting and unique. A traditional chinese new year music is not only good for relaxation but offers a great, true and meaningful entertainment.

New year is all about celebration, and without no celebration is complete. So, do not forget to make a goof collection of Chinese new year music when organizing a new year party. All the vocal and instrumental music is a part of chinese new year music. Eight classes of musical instruments are bamboo, silk, wood, clay, metal, gourd, skin and stone. Chinese drums are traditional music instruments which help in playing chinese new year music. "Dancing Dragon and Phoenix", "Deng Li Jun's Happy New Year Album" are famous music.

Chinese New Year Song

Chinese New Year Song is a melodious and beautiful song which is a symbol of love and togetherness. It is popular among all during the time of celebration. The lyrics of Chinese New Year Song is very heart touching and show the affection of people for their country. China is a wonderful country and is known for its religious culture and tradition.

Chinese new year songs exceptionally good not only because of the lyrics and the music but mainly because of the traditional touch that it brings to the ambience. Chinese traditions are all about culture, customs and themes. Maintaining them at an event or occasion is something very important.

Chinese New Year also displays the wonderful picture of Chinese culture. People celebrate New Year with friends and family. They all together enjoy the beauty of Chinese New Year Song. People wear colorful clothes and enjoy delicious cuisines. Chinese New Year Song also depicts the picture of Chinese tradition and beliefs in the lyrics :

Zhengyue chu-yi guo xin nian
Dajia tonglai guo xin nian
Huan huan xixi guo xin ninan
Da jia qu bai nian
Qi ba long dong qiang dong qiang
Da jia qu bai nian

English Translation
The first of January is New Year
All of us enjoy the New Year
Everyone is happy when New Year comes
Visiting friends, wishing everyone the best,
Lighting firecrackers everywhere,
We are enjoying the New Year.