Chinese New Year Quotes

Like its traditional customs, Chinese are concerned on chinese new year quotes. The quotes of New Year are best way to greet best wishes for fresh beginning. The people of china use quotes of famous author in the time of New Year. The cards that contain good quotes are in high demand as compared to other cards. The quotes are famous phrases said by well known person to highlight some specific thing. One could express his or her emotions by using any quotes relevant to his or her feeling.

The quotes contain expression of merry celebration of the day. It tells about value of the day in human civilization. Beside of New Year quotes people use chinese new year sayings for greeting happy and prosperous day. The sayings one side work as a greeting message for the fresh year, on the other side by using traditional saying, the people of china pays honor to their ancestors.

Famous Chinese quotes for New Year
  1. For most of us, it's a time for us to get together and talk about our past, present and future. The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. --By Feng Niu
  2. As the Chinese Lunar New Year is drawing near, city fire departments will enhance their efforts to crack down on illegal fireworks business. --By Zhou Meiliang
Famous sayings of Chinese New Year
  1. Gong xi fa cai - Congratulations and prosperity
  2. Xin nian kuai le - Happy New Year
  3. Guo nian - Chinese New Year
  4. Nian nian you yu - Wishing you prosperity every year.
  5. Gong he xin xi - Happy New Year

Chinese New Year Greeting Quotes

Chinese New Year is a greatly celebrated event of the Chinese calendar and believed that it is a time of new beginning, good fortune and lots of expectations. During the New Year, Chinese people greet each other with some unique greetings and also present a beautiful card with writing some inspired quotes. They also become friendly to the person which they ever to fight and also greet usually those people they don't have any relationship with.

Due to changing times, the tradition of send greeting is also changed and turn into new tradition. Everyone have their own way of greeting and find different way to wish each other. Wishing with Chinese New Year greeting quotes is really filled with great pleasures and put their impression to anyone easily. However, sending a greeting with writing inspired quotes is a part of ancient traditions but it is not changed, only changed the mode. With the advent of internet, people lets easily find out beautiful quotes. We provide some great collection of Chinese New Year quotes, in which some of greetings express sophisticated wisdom while some presents a different viewpoint. Just discover some beautiful quotes and send to near and dear ones.