Chinese New Year Dragon

Dragon is a representation of worry and evil while Chinese New Yaer dragon is a symbol of goodness, supernatural power, good luck and prosperity. Chinese New Yaer dragon dance is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Chinese New Year dragon dance is very famous and it is a part of Chinese New Year Celebrations. New Year is a 15 days festival in china and people enjoy this occasion very much.

China is a country where people depends on agriculture for thei source of revenue and agriculture is directly associated with rain therefore people have great faitha nd belief on Dragons, considered as the governors of rainfall. Chinese New Year dragon dance is renowned among all other dances and entertainments. On the New Year Eve dragon dance is a way of showing gratefulness for the Chienese New Year Dragon.

People or team of dancers carry the image of dragon on the poles and start dancing. Chinese New Year dragon excites every individual and therefore one can see the long hours of Chinese New Year Dragon dancing. People capture each and every momoent of their celebration by clicking picture, so that they can feel the excitement. Chinese New Year pictures is an interesting way of capturing your memories. You can cherish through out year just by viewing those Chinese New Year pictures.

Chinese New Year Dragon Dance

During Chinese New Year dragon dance is performed greatly. It is a traditional dance that observed in every festival prominently and each festival ends with dragon dances. The festive parade starts on the day of New Year for next fifteen days and last with Lantern Festival. The dragon dance denotes the end of year and welcoming a new with fresh start, driving away evil spirits, carrying good luck and destiny to people.

Chinese people have long held belief of dragon which is decisively surrounded in their customs and traditions. Chinese New Year dragon dance is most electrifying and amazing way of conveying thankfulness during celebration. From custom rain dance to popular amusing programs are performed all through the day.

The dance symbolizes the carrying of good fortune and achievement in approaching year for all human being. The dance is performed at any time as day or night but dance performance of night is greatly enthralling due to it heralded by someone carrying a blazing torch to light up. The dance performed by a group of dancer and performers create elaborate dragon dances with one performer operating the head of the dragon and the rest operating the body. The precise timing and right combination is very significant to create a successful dance. Dancers must accurately manage their movement with each other to make dance thriving and entertaining.