New Year Events in Canberra

Canberra is the capital city of Australia and is renowned for its culture and happening destinations around the world. New year is celebrated with great pomp and show. Other than the luxury hotels and modern facilities, there are plenty of other things to attract people of every age. Canberra, at the same time, is also a hub to many casinos and especially during new years, they are a perfect place for visitors and travellers. New year is one of the biggest celebrations around the world celebrated with great joy and splendour. If you are planning a trip to Australia, do not miss the city of Canberra and spend some of your best days in Canberra hotels renowned for organising entertaining new year events.

Both the luxury hotels and budget hotels in Canberra are available throughout the city. They are mainly designed to offer the customers an exclusive experience. The city is lighted with numerous traditional and themed new year events. Dance parties and fireworks display are the two popular new year events in Canberra. Whether it is a day-time celebration or a midnight celebration, new year in Canberra is admired by one and all. For family friendly events in Canberra, the two prominent happening spots in the city play a host to the new years eve celebrations. The first the family friendly concert in civic square, a dance party in Garema place and two fireworks displays at 9 pm and midnight.

New Year Events in Canberra

New year events in Canberra are the most entertaining events across Australia. Being the capital city of Australia, Canberra makes it to the maximum and organises events to taste everyone's desires and people of every age. The 2024 new year celebration was huge and the city was in complete party mood. Residents and travellers from around the world travel to Canberra to experience the civic square & Garema place in the Canberra city for free which begins from 7 pm until late on the 31st December.

From 7 pm, the main stage in civic square will be place for families and music lovers of all ages to come along and enjoy performances by one of Australia's favourite bands, the whitlams and local Canberra bands, who's Ya Daddy and kiwi G.

If you plan to come along your kids, then it would be added advantage because this place is great for children's as well as they will get to enjoy the early fireworks display. Soon after the fireworks display gets off, from 9 pm, the garema place features top local DJ s counting down to midnight with all the dance hits of the latest year. Other than this, various art displays are also showcased with a firework set to a soundtrack that will herald in the new year. The special part about the festive celebration is that Both the Civic Square and Garema Place events are alcohol-free to encourage a safe and friendly atmosphere. Action buses and nightrider services are also available from 1 am on a modified weekly timetable.