New Year Events in Christchurch

New Zealand is a country with mild and moderate temperature with rainfall. Christchurch is the second-largest city and the gateway to the south island in New Zealand bordered by hills and the Pacific Ocean. New year is one of the biggest and most ecstatic occasions of the year celebrated with great pomp and joy. New Zealand no doubt, is one of the most cherished and entertaining countries across the world that offers a wide array of festival events amongst magnificent scenery. There is plenty to do and see in the surrounding areas and visit places that can truly add an extra fun to your trip to Christchurch.

Christchurch celebrates new year with great bang. Starting at the top of the north island, the northern bass festival is one of the newest new years eve festivals in new Zealand. The occasion of new year features numerous new year events filled with different festivals and activities inclusive of musical concerts, dance shows, games, live shows, magical shows and much more. Christchurch is a popular tourist attraction and a famous adventure activity attraction for everyone where tourists can enjoy various sightseeing and experience a wonderful time with their loved ones.

New Year Party in Christchurch

Planning a perfect new year is never a big deal if you have good new year celebration ideas. Celebrations normally depend upon your planning. Celebrating new year at one of your favourite destinations doubles the call for celebration. Christchurch is a renowned destination known for its happening spots and sightseeing. Traditionally, there are many parties organised in the city but most importantly, the city celebrates new year by an event in cathedral square which incorporates music, entertainment, the cathedral bells ringing at midnight and a firework display off the top of a nearby building. The event is very popular and attracts thousands of people every year. The main attractions of the event are the entertaining crowd, studios, jazz and brilliant horn section music.

Fireworks are also launched from the rooftops of the popular millennium hotel and the bells of Christchurch cathedral ring out announcing the welcome of new year. Hundreds and thousands of visitors from across the world travel to Christchurch where special alcohol free celebration events for families are also organised from 5 pm to 8.10 pm catering families with younger children while the second half of the event begins from 9 pm to 12.30 am including entertainment for all ages. Musical entertainments are the most attractive outliners in the city of Christchurch during new years because many talented stars and performers give live yet captivating performances on the big screens of the events to make it a memorable eve for everyone. So, before you begin planning your trip, it is highly recommended to get an idea of all the new year party events in Christchurch so that you can make it to the maximum and enjoy great time with your family and friends.