Different Cultures » Gujarati New Year

Gujarat is a beautiful ancient city and people of Gujarat celebrate each and every festival with love and togetherness. New Year in Gujarat is celebrated on the next day of Diwali, known as "Annakut". New Year in Gujarat is also known as Bestu Varad and Varsha-pratipada or Padwa. In Gujarat people celebrate this auspicious occasion by following all the rituals and deeds.

Govardhan poooja is celebrated by all of them. They pray to god for prosperous and happy New Year. Send wishes to their loved ones by using different ways. New Year in Gujarat is similar with sudekam of the Kartik month. People celebrate by following all the traditions and rituals. It is a time when they enter into New Year by bidding farewell to the old Year. New Year in a Gujarat is a time when people take new resolutions and hope for better life.

Gujarati New Year Carnival

Gujarati New Year Carnival attracts people all over the world. They visit Gujarat to enjoy the sparkling festival and exploring the culture and traditions of Gujarat. You can feel love in the air while celebrating the Gujarati New Year. Gujarati New Year Carnival is an example of love, brotherhood and unity. Gujjus means Gujarati people are known for their liveliness and sprit. With this zeal they celebrate New Year in the beautiful and lovely company of friends and family. They enjoy lavishing food and dishes. Food of Gujarat is already very famous and occasion of celebrations makes it more special. Some people love to party so they go out for party while celebrating the Gujarati New Year.

This holiday time gives relax and change from monotonous daily work schedule. They decorate their house with the different decorative items available in the market to make their house look more beautiful. Flowers, fruits and glittering lights are highly liked by individuals. Gujaratis celebrate the occasion with true sprit.