Telugu New Year

New Year is a time when people celebrates with full of zeal leaving all the sadness and grudges behind. They welcome New Year in life with bright hope. New Year is a big festival in the South India especially in Andhra Pradesh where people celebrate by following all the traditions and religions.

Telugu New Year is known as Ugadi, which is derived from "Yuga Aadi" means New Age. According to the Hindu mythology Lord Brahma has created universe on Chaitra Shuddha Prathpade thus Telugu New Year is celebrated on Chaitra Shuddha Prathipade which is also first day of the lunar calendar. Telugu New Year is bright full moon day of the first month of spring.

Telugu New Year Carnival

Celebrating Telugu New Year together symbolizes the happiness of people and there love for their culture. For Telugu New Year carnival people start preparations long before the festival. They decorate their house by using various decorative items available in the market after properly cleaning their houses. For the decoration purpose people mostly uses mango leaves. On the occasion of Telugu New Year carnival people also exchange gifts to show their love and care towards their loved ones.

With the desire and motive of celebrating New Year people get up early in the morning and wear new clothes after taking bath and applying coconut oil on their bodies. All the celebration are incomplete without the blessings of god therefore people on the occasion of Telugu New Year Carnival visit temple, chant mantras and listen to Panchanga Sravanam. Celebrations and food go with each other. Delicious and mouth-watering food associated with the festival make the celebrations more delightful.

Celebrating Telugu New Year, people experience the taste of Ugadi Pachchadi which is a traditional sauce prepared with the mixture of Neem leaves, Jaggery, raw mango, tamarind juice, and sugarcane. Every single individual try to make their festival tremendous and remarkable. With true spirit of festival they enjoy the beauty of New Year. They welcome the coming year with the purity in their heart and hope of prosperity in their eyes.