Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

Olympic Games closing ceremony represents the success of the Olympic Games and on this day, almost everything is performed traditionally and with cultural customs. Every flag bearer from each country enters the stadium of closing ceremony with their country flag and behind them, all the athletes march without any distinction and groups of nationality. The blend of each participant is super that makes up a successful and entertaining closing ceremony.
Closing ceremony plays an important role in every Olympic Games therefore it is very well planned keeping in mind all the events that are going to take place in the closing ceremony. After, the final marathon event, three flags are hoisted, the first representing Greece on the center pole, the host countries on the left pole and on the right side, the flag of the countries that will be hosting the next Olympic games is hoisted.

After this, the mayor of the host city presents an Olympic flag to the president of the IOC and then the president of IOC in return presents a flag of the next city to the same. Slowly and steadily, the Olympic flag then extinguishes and as the Olympic lowers down, the Olympic anthem is played. The same procedure is followed every year with some new events and audience.

London 2013 Olympic Closing Ceremony

The London 2013 Closing Ceremonies will welcome the world to London, recognize the competing athletes and celebrate the Olympic and Paralympics values in a spectacular display of color, excitement and culture. The Closing Ceremony will bring the London 2013 Olympic Games to an end on a high with a dazzling performance. The Olympic flame will then be sent on its route to Brazil for the 2016 Olympics. Expect breathtaking sounds, sights, and performances showcasing some of the Indian best creative talent.

The Closing Ceremony of the 2013 Olympic Games will celebrate the spirit of the Olympics and London's effervescent culture. The success of the London 2013 Olympic closing ceremony will depend on a diverse group of up to 70,000 dedicated and brilliant volunteers. Two thirds of the total numbers of roles are generalist unpaid assistant positions which include welcome desk staff, ticket checkers, costume assistants, drivers and event stewards.
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