Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup was "officially" organize in 1927 as a biennial competition between proficient golfers representing the U.S. and Great Britain. The Ryder Cup is regarded as being one of the major vital events in the golfing calendar.
The competition begin following an exhibition match in 1926 among a team comprising American professionals against a similar one drawn from the British PGA on the East Course, Wentworth Club, Virginia Water, Surrey, UK. The first competition played in 1927.

The competition has been organize every two years since (with the exception of 2001, due to the terrorist attacks in the U.S., and 1937-47 on the time of World War II), and foursomes and singles match play have been a branch of the competition since the very beginning. The key to the Ryder Cup's fame is match play.

It inserts pressure, nerves, and gamesmanship to the tournament-attributes that is missing in other tournaments. You can also add a dash of loyalty to the tournament, which heats up the competition even more. These things plus the pairings make the Ryder Cup a must see event for fans. There are dozens and dozens of dissimilar formats that can be played as match play. Several of them can be found in Tournament Formats and Betting Games glossary. Though, the well-known match play formats are those used in the Ryder Cup are Singles Match Play, Fourball Match Play, Fourball Match Play. See the Ryder Cup Schedule.
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