Winter Olympic Games

Winter Olympic Games are the sporting events that take place every four years with great enthusiasm and sporting spirit. The origin of Olympic Games has come from the Greek city of Olympia but when it comes to winter Olympics, the first celebration was held in chamoinix situated in France in the year 1924.
The sports that have come from that very long time are alpine, and cross country skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, Nordic combined, ski-jumping, and speed skating. Some of the other events were later added namely luge, short track, speed skating, and freestyle skiing and these sports have earned a permanent spot on the Olympic Games list. On the other hand sports that were never incorporated as Olympic spot are speed skiing, bandy and skijoring. The events that make the event so popular are the skiers because they are the most entertaining all due to their speed.

Alpine skiing is the event that includes giant slalom, slalom, super G, downhill, and super combined. Curling is also a popular event that eventually became an official game in the winter Olympics in 1998. Skeleton is another event that became a part of the winter Olympics in 2002 for the first time since 1948. In this event, the participants are supposed to ride a small sled down the track and usually the speed recorded is 80 mph (130km/hr).

For sports lover, it is very important to know that not every can participate in the winter Olympic games. There are few countries that prefer winter Olympic Games but the others prefer the summer Olympic Games. The likings and preference of every country depends on their availability and the athlete's availability.

The first winter Olympic Games were started in 1901 and it was originally called as the Nordic games. The Winter Olympic Games are a winter multi-sport event organizes every four years. The modern Olympic Games start in 1896 and have been detained every four years except during the two world wars. Another Winter Olympic Games happening in 1924 and until 1994 were held in the same year as the Summer Olympics. To center more attention on the Winter Games, it was decided that opening in 1994, the Winter Games would be held on a different four year cycle.
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