Asia Cup Cricket

The Asia cup cricket is the most entertaining and widely watched international men's one day international cricket tournament which was established in 1983 when the Asian cricket council was founded as a medium to promote goodwill between the Asian countries.
The Asia cup cricket was originally scheduled to take place every two years and the first tournament was held in 1984 in sharjah in the united Arabs emirates. The first match was Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka. For the second edition, Sri Lanka was the host in 1986 and this was the first multinational cricket series to be held. Furthermore editions went on and today, as confirmed by the Asian cricket council, the eleventh edition of Asia cup has been announced to take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh from March 12 to 22, 2013. The schedule for Asia cup cricket 2013 has been announced by the cricket council and the details of venue can be easily found on the official website of the same.

Well basically it is a series of 6 one day international (ODI) with one final match, in which the participating teams are Bangladesh, sri lanka, Pakistan and the world champions of 2012 India. India has a wealth of battling talent whereas Pakistan too is not laid back from any point of view.
Other teams too are of a great strength to give a battling fight to each other. Well, cricket is the most admired and cheerful sports across the world but especially in India, it is highly renowned and popular sports watched in families and among friends.

Asia Cup Cricket 2013

Cricket is virtually a religion especially in India. People admire watching it the most when compared to other sports. This time Bangladesh has been awarded the rights to host the Asia cup cricket 2013 by the Asian cricket council committee. The tournament will take place in Dhaka at the shere bangle national stadium in mirpur from March 1 to March 12.

This is a great achievement for Bangladesh because the last time Bangladesh hosted the Asia cup was in 2000. Everyone is thrilled to explore the Asia cup cricket 2013 in Bangladesh because the tournament involves Asia's four test playing nations including India, Pakistan, sri lanka and Bangladesh. The last edition of the tournament was held in dambulla in June 2010 which was won by India. Get ready, for the real entertainment and battle of 2013.
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