Olympic Games Dates

The global multi-sport event of Olympics positioned subdivided into summer and winter olympic sporting events. These two events are organized during two-year gap. It was just in late 19th century that importance in olympic games was transformed. The first modern olympics were held in the year 1896, in Athens, Greece. For every olympic event, the olympic games dates has declared by the International Olympic Committee and hosting country. It held every four years interval. The opening date for the London Olympic Games is finalized as on 27th July 2013 and it will end on the 12th august.
The olympic game dates and the Paralympics game dates differ from each other. However, the game dates are almost a year far but London is still preparing for its venues and has recently completed its fifth venue in olympic park. This brings the preparation one step closer to the beginning of the olympic games 2013. The audience, athletes, coaches, sports lovers and other staff members are waiting for the 2013 London Olympic dates so that they can have fun and enjoy the games with much more excitement.

2013 London Olympics Game Date

Hosting the olympic games is the major prize in sport. The 30th olympic games will get place in east London to appearance the London Olympics 2013. London is trying its level best to prove one of the best and powerful countries in the world and most probably has reached a level high because London is the only city to host the olympic games for the third time.

From the wonder of the opening ceremony to the traditional closing ceremony, London has grabbed the chance to make the most of it in 2013. With venues coming on flow, organizers also stimulated appetites freshly by releasing the finalized sporting schedule for the games. The 2013 london olympics game date will start on the 27th July, 2013 and close on 12th August 2013. More than 15,000 athletes and millions of people will draw together in London on 27th July, 2013 to be part of a unique sporting and cultural event, the Olympics. The date of selling tickets has also been declared by London Olympic Committee of Olympic Games. So, what are you waiting for, just get your tickets book today for the 2013 London Olympic game date and fly to London.
Game Dates
Aquatics Saturday 28 July - Sunday 12 August
Archery 30 July - Sunday 5 August
Athletics Friday 3 August - Sunday 12 August
Badminton Saturday 28 July - Saturday 4 August
Canoe & Kayaking Sunday 29 July - Saturday 11 August
Cycling Saturday 28 July - Sunday 12 August
Equestrian Sunday 29 July - Friday 10 August
Fencing Saturday 28 July - Sunday 5 August
Football Saturday 28 July 28 - Saturday 11 August
Gymnastics Saturday 28 July - Sunday 14 August
Handball Saturday 28 July - Sunday 12 August
Hockey Sunday 29 July - Saturday 11 August
Judo Saturday, 28 July - Friday, 3 August
Modern Pentathlon Saturday 11 August - Sunday 12 August
Rowing Saturday 28 July - Saturday 4 August
Sailing Saturday 28 July - Saturday 11 August
Shooting Saturday 28 July - Sunday 5 August
Table Tennis Saturday 28 July - Tuesday 7 August
Taekwondo Thursday 9 August - Sunday 12 August
Tennis Sunday 29 July - Sunday 5 August
Triathlon Tuesday 7 August - Wednesday 8 August
Volleyball Saturday 27 July - Sunday 12 August
Weightlifting Saturday 28 July - Wednesday 8 August
Wrestling Saturday 4 August - Sunday 12 August
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