Olympic Games Flag

The olympic games flag represents peace, goodwill and unity all over the world. This is very correct of the olympic flag as it has appeared to signify the olympics itself and it is a very well protected symbol of the IOC. In the year 1914, when the IOC held its 20th anniversary meeting in Paris, the Olympic flag was displayed for the first time.
At the event of opening ceremony of the winter or summer olympic games, a flag is ceremonially lifted at the main venue. Also at the event of closing ceremony, the end of the Games has symbolized by lowering the flag at the main venue and giving it to the president of the IOC, who then carries it to the organizers of the next Games. Every occasion is followed by some or the other tradition that keeps the occasion and tradition going.

Similarly, Pierre de Coubertin planned to organize the olympic games and then launched the olympic flag for it that symbolizes peace, the sports spirit, good will and global unity. When we take in consideration the symbols, it is very important to introduce with the Olympic rings which play an important role in he Olympic symbols but is a part of Olympic flag.

Olympic Games Flag History

Olympic games flag history is something very rare people know but it is a duty of every citizen to at least know the significance and importance of an Olympic game flag. Well, the Olympic game flag had five circles that denote the five continents from where the athletes belong and come together to participate all along in the Olympic games. The white background of the flag denotes peace and unity whereas the five interlaced rings are symbolic, representing the five continents of the world. The entire design of the Olympic flag is a symbol of Olympic games depicting the friendship expected to be gained from the international competitions held in the Olympic games events.

Olympic Games Countries Flag

The Olympic Games are the world's biggest sporting event. But a possibility to win gold and magnificence is not all the games stand for. They are also an important representation for billions of people around the globe like a symbol of hope, peace and friendly co-operation between nations.

Different countries have its different flag as symbol of Olympic Games. On the Olympic Games, every country is symbolized with their own Olympic flags that represent the Olympic Games countries flag and the athletes of the country playing for the country.

Olympic Games Flag Meaning

The olympic flag has the olympic symbol. True to meaning of olympic flag, it has lent their colors to many athletes who were unable to participate under their own flag. The authorized flag of olympics has a white base with five colored rings on it interconnecting each other. The five colors of the Olympic flag are many as yellow, green, red, black and blue. These colors of the flag of olympic games show the five main fractions of the world such as Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa.
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