Olympic Games Results

Every two years interval of the Olympic Games, the world watches even as the sporting influential challenge each other for the height of achievement, an Olympic Gold medal. Behind the prospects there is an extraordinary attempt to ensure that the technology that underpins the action of the games in this modern connected world done well.
There are medal tables by year based on the quantity of the medals won by the participating nations in the games year, with gold medals taking precedence over Silver and bronze. A team success counts as one medal. In the first Olympic at Athens in the year 1896, the first place winners were awarded a silver medal and a crown of olive branches. Those placed in second, given a bronze medal and a crown of laurel. And in 1904, from the third Olympic Games there were gold, silver and bronze medals awarded.

2013 Olympic Games London Results

The 2013 London Olympic Games will be right around few months. With all buzz around the games, the big question remains where can you find up to date Olympic results? If you are the big fan of sports, you do not want to miss one moment of the action that is about to happen in London. Being a manifestation sport at the Olympic Games means, that there will be organized competition inside the common Olympic program, even the medals are the similar, but some restrictions apply.

There will be twenty six sporting events played in the 2013 Olympic Games. Every participant from different countries is excited to win medal especially gold medal for their country. Most expert viewers still trust that Paris is the favorite to finalize the 2013 Olympics, but there is some substantiation London and New York are also in with a scream, with Madrid and Turin also felt to be behind the top pack. The fan of sports can get 2013 Olympic Games London results easily.
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