Olympic Games Schedule

The olympic games schedule is planned to take place from 27th July to 12th August in London for the third time and this surely indicates the fun and entertainment that London is going to offer its audience. London has very well planned everything in an organized way whether be infrastructure, accommodation facility or traveling convenience.
The addition of new sports in the london olympic games have attracted a lot of people throughout the world and the population visiting London for the Olympic games 2013 has increased to the maximum. Well, all this sounds really great and imagining yourself at the London olympic games is even more exciting. Filled with enthusiasm, all the passionate and professional athletes from all the countries in the world are ready to prove their best in the london olympic games as it is the third time London is hosting Olympic Games.

London is already a city that attracts tourists from all over the world and now, with the olympic games 2013 taking place in London itself, the tourist traffic has already reached to the maximum. Everyone is not a professional sportsman or sportswoman but if sports is something that tempts you always, then you can atleast visit the 2013 olympic games held in london to cheer up and boost the athletes participating in london Olympic games. Before, you plan your visit, it is important to catch up the complete Olympic Games schedule so that you understand each and every competition timing well in advance.

London 2013 Olympic Game Schedule List

People visiting london olympic games should definitely have a look at the london 2013 olympic game schedule list so that it becomes very clear for them organize their tour in a better manner. Although, there is still a year left for the games but London has already geared up for it and set up the schedule list on their official website. More than 600 different events will be featured in the london olympic games 2013. The schedule list for the 2013 games is as follows :
Olympic Games Schedule List
Aquatics Saturday 28 July - Sunday 12 August
Archery 30 July - Sunday 5 August
Athletics Friday 3 August - Sunday 12 August
Badminton Saturday 28 July - Saturday 4 August
Canoe & Kayaking Sunday 29 July - Saturday 11 August
Cycling Saturday 28 July - Sunday 12 August
Equestrian Sunday 29 July - Friday 10 August
Fencing Saturday 28 July - Sunday 5 August
Football Saturday 28 July 28 - Saturday 11 August
Gymnastics Saturday 28 July - Sunday 14 August
Handball Saturday 28 July - Sunday 12 August
Hockey Sunday 29 July - Saturday 11 August
Judo Saturday, 28 July - Friday, 3 August
Modern Pentathlon Saturday 11 August - Sunday 12 August
Rowing Saturday 28 July - Saturday 4 August
Sailing Saturday 28 July - Saturday 11 August
Shooting Saturday 28 July - Sunday 5 August
Table Tennis Saturday 28 July - Tuesday 7 August
Taekwondo Thursday 9 August - Sunday 12 August
Tennis Sunday 29 July - Sunday 5 August
Triathlon Tuesday 7 August - Wednesday 8 August
Volleyball Saturday 27 July - Sunday 12 August
Weightlifting Saturday 28 July - Wednesday 8 August
Wrestling Saturday 4 August - Sunday 12 August
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