Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium has been one of the most condemn stadiums in modern Olympic sports and probably for good reason. When it was made for the 1976 Olympics, it was meant to be drawn in, but in fact they ran out of money so did not make it drawn in until the early 1990's. And when the roof was finally attractable, they had various problems with it. Needless to say, the roof was never attractable in the same sense as sky domes.
After performance some years with it on and some with it off, Olympic Stadium is now permanently a dome. In recent Olympic Games in London, the stadium will attract too much people of the world due to their well construction.

Olympic Stadium London 2013

The Olympic Stadium will host the athletics and Olympic athletics events at the London 2013 games, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. The stadium will have a facility of 80,000 visitors during the games as 25,000 permanent seats in its permanent lower tier and a lightweight steel and concrete upper tier holding an additional 55,000 spectators. The upper tier can be taken apart after the games. The arcelor mittal tower will be also key attraction on these games.

The Olympic Stadium will have located in the south of the Olympic Park on an 'island' site, enclosed by watercourses on three sides. Spectators will arrive at the venue via five bridges that connect the site to the surrounding area. There are various facilities for athletes within the stadium consists changing rooms, medical support facilities and an 80m warm-up track. Visitor's services, refreshments and products outlets will be situated outside the venue on a 'podium' that will surround the stadium, rather than being located within the stadium itself.
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