Olympic Games Venues

The Olympics is concerning the strength of sport to act as a common language between various populations and communities; inspiring more people, particularly children to obtain up the sports they have seen. The sporting event can redevelop neglected places and offer world class venues with long term value. The Olympic Games venues have organized by every host city, where these sporting events held. The very old city of Olympia was a shelter of ancient Greece in Elis. Olympia was the venue of the antique summer games.

2013 London Olympics Game Venues

Hosting of Olympic Games on the land of any country is a very big chance for all. And after hosting the games two times previously, London had got third chance to become the main part of this big festival of sports. There will be park, world-class sports venues, entertainment arenas and presentation spaces across London used for the 2013 Olympic Games. Thus as a host city of Olympic Games, the capital city of England has divided the majority of venues.

The 2013 London Olympics game venue has 34 venues and divided into three zones within London such as the Olympic zone, the river zone and the central zone. There are about 12,500 athletes from 205 nations expected to participate in the summer Olympic and more than 9 million tickets will be made available in 2012 for the 300 events in 26 sports. The Olympic Park in east London will be place to the Olympic Stadium, aquatics center and basketball arena. Other 2013 London Olympics game venue include the grounds at Wimbledon, Greenwich Park and Eaton Dorney. Hyde Park will be also the center for music, film, theater and other cultural activities.
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