Olympic Games Village

The olympic games village is part of olympic sports and it has built at the every event of these sports by hosting country. From 1850, before the modern Olympic it was formulated. It includes of residential grounds, a retail centre, a business park, nature reserve and other additional facilities. Pierre de Coubertin was the super person who planned the idea of the olympic games village.
After the ending of games, the residential properties will be sold to public, just like any other real estate development. The attractive thing about the olympic village is not so much about how it was planned to meet the criteria of the green olympic ideal. The Olympic village of today is followed by the Olympic village of 1932.

The earlier olympic village consisted of a group of buildings inclusive of rooms for the athletes providing all the other commodities and additional facilities for the athletes and coaches. Well, if you are planning for your visit to summer olympic games 2013 that is to be held in London from 27th July to 12 august, then it is a great opportunity to check out the Olympic games village, its time now get your tickets booked for the Olympic games so that you can have all the fun during your visit to London.

2013 London Olympics Game Village

The london olympic games 2013 village already is filled and the athletes are coming. The summer Olympic Games will be held in 2013 which are formally known as the games of the 2013 Olympiad, has scheduled to take place in London, UK. These games would begin from 27th July and end on 12th August 2013. The games provoked a redevelopment of many of the areas of London in which the games are to be held and mainly themed towards sustainability, while the budgetary concerns have generated some appreciation.
The 2013 london olympics game village will be located in the Olympic Park, within walking distance of the venues. During the games the village will include residential apartments for around 17,000 athletes and officials, along with shops, restaurants, medical, media and holiday facilities and large areas of open space. There will also high speed shuttle service link to the village to central London in just seven minutes.

Athletes' Village in Olympic Park

An Olympic village is known as the athlete's accommodation center where the athletes of the Olympic Games stay. The accommodation is usually built within an Olympic park where in only the athletes are allowed to stay. Officials, athletic trainers, coaches and other staff members are also provided accommodation inside the Olympic village park so that it becomes easy for the athletes and the trainers to travel to the stadium and practice for their session whenever required. Press and media are not allowed to enter the Olympic park. In fact, the family members and former Olympic athletes are allowed to stay inside with proper credentials if they need.
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