Hockey World Cup Schedule

Match Schedule of the Hero Honda FIH World Cup Schedule 2010.
Match Schedule
Pool A Pool B
Argentina Australia
Canada Spain
Germany England
Korea India
Netherlands Pakistan
New Zealand South Africa
Sunday February 28:
16:35 Pool B South Africa vs Spain
18:35 B Australia vs England
20:35 B India vs Pakistan
Monday March 1:
16:35 A New Zealand vs Canada
18:35 A Germany vs Korea
20:35 A Netherlands vs Argentina
Tuesday March 2:
16:35 B South Africa vs England
18:35 B Pakistan vs Spain
20:35 B India vs Australia
Wednesday March 3:
16:35 A Canada vs Germany
18:35 A Argentina vs Korea
20:35 A New Zealand vs Netherlands
Thursday March 4:
16:35 B South Africa vs Australia
18:35 B England vs Pakistan
20:35 B India vs Spain
Friday March 5:
16:35 A Korea vs New Zealand
18:35 A Netherlands vs Canada
20:35 A Germany vs Argentina
Saturday March 6:
16:35 B Australia vs Spain
18:35 B South Africa vs Pakistan
20:35 B India vs England
Sunday March 7:
16:35 A Korea vs Canada
18:35 A New Zealand vs Argentina
20:35 A Germany vs Netherlands
Monday March 8:
16:35 B Spain vs England
18:35 B Australia vs Pakistan
20:35 B India vs South Africa
Tuesday March 9:
16:35 A Germany vs New Zealand
18:35 A Netherlands vs Korea
20:35 A Canada vs Argentina
Wednesday March 10: Rest Day. Thursday March 11:
15:35 Classification.11-12 6th Pool A vs 6th Pool B
18:05 Semi-final 1st Pool A vs 2nd Pool B
20:35 Semi-final 1st Pool B vs 2nd Pool A
Friday March 12:
15:35 Clas. 9-10 5th Pool A vs 5th Pool B
18:05 Clas. 7-8 4th Pool A vs 4th Pool B
20:35 Clas. 5-6 3rd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B.
Saturday March 13:
15:35 Bronze medal match
18:05 Final
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