Asian Games Sports Events

The Asian Games are the second largest sports event in the world after the Summer Olympic Games. The Asian Games, also called the Asiad, are a series of athletic events restricted to Asian and Middle Eastern nations.
The competition is held over a period of many weeks, every four years. They are also called the Asian Olympics, because athletes achieve at the Olympic standard and they represent a cooperative effort on the part of multiple nations. The Asian Games are controlled by the Asian Olympic Committee, which is partnered with the International Olympic Committee.

Events at the Asian Games include equestrian, swimming, wrestling, cycling, boating, martial arts, and a wide variety of others. Sponsoring nations vary extensively from Indonesia to Qatar, with Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and atheist athletes competing. In addition to the traditional Asian Games, Asian Beach Games, Asian Indoor Games, and Asian Winter Games are also held.

Asian Games 2010 Events

The Asian Games 2010 are Asia's largest sporting event and are held every four years. The 2010 Games are expected to draw more than 12,000 competitors from 45 countries, ensuring plenty of drama in the competitions for glory. 2010 Asian Games consists total 476 events in 42 sports that will be contested by athletes, which will make it the largest event in history of the Games. Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has enforced new hosting rules for future games, which will start with the 2014 Games. So that Guangzhou will be the last one to have presented such big events.

Guangzhou, China will be holding the 16th Asian Games from November 12 to November 27, 2010. Being the second city of China to host the Asian Games after Beijing in 1990, Guangzhou will be co-hosting a total of 476 events in 42 sports with Shanwei, Dongguan and Foshan for 14 consecutive days.
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