New Year Around the World

1st January is the most common and recognized official new year day around the world, and holiday, in most of the countries of all across the world, following the Georgian calendar for all official and International affairs. But, as there are numerous other calendars in use all over the world, the New Year's Day celebrations are also made on various other days (on which their respective traditional calendar begins) of the year long, in different countries or regions of the world.

It is the common observation that, the majority of people of all over the world celebrate both these days of the new year, every year. The beginning of every new calendar essentially marks great newness, freshness, new creativity, enthusiasm, and optimism. The New Year celebrations are made to rejoice, spread, and inspire these vital and magnificent elements of creative and meaningful life among one's kith and kin.

New year around the world is celebrated with great zeal and passion. Every country has a different way, tradition and culture of celebrating new year but the purpose and mood of celebration is always the same everywhere and within everyone. New year brings new opportunities, new hopes, and possibilities to try something different.

New Year Celebration around the World

In addition to the new year's day celebration on the 1st January, people also celebrate new year day, on the day their respective calendars begin. Again, the ways of celebration are different and unique, and are as per their traditional customs. But, one thing is for sure, that every way of celebrating new year day essentially contains the elements of newness, optimism, love and fraternity to all mankind, and new enthusiasm to do better in the coming new year.

The most common and popular new year celebrations include the celebrations of the new year eve and the new year day. The new years eve is observed on the day just before the New Year Day, and is therefore, fall on the December 31, according to the Georgian calendar. Today, the new year eve is commonly celebrated through enjoying light decorations, glittering fireworks, music, dance, entertaining and fun activities, and favorite food and beverage items. Social gathering, partying, drinking, and collective enjoyment, during the transition of the year, have also become the common custom, in most of the countries of the world now.

New Year Eve celebration is made to farewell the old passing year, and to prepare oneself for making new beginning in the year ahead, forgetting all old and bygone grudges and failures. And, the New Year Day is considered to be the very first day of the desired new and auspicious beginning, and well-wishing to all near and dear ones. New Year Eve party, new year eve river or sea cruises, new year holiday breaks, etc. are other special and exotic ways of celebrating the new year.