New Year in Vietnam

New year in Vietnam is celebrated with great spirits of zeal and gaiety. The first day of the new year is known as the Tet in Vietnamese language. New year in Vietnam is a seven days long eventful celebration which is known as Nguyen-Dan. This period of the year is believed to be the most auspicious time in Vietnam.

Throughout the country, joy and happiness prevail and people prepare months prior to new year week to make the most of this auspicious time and prove their new year possibly one of the most successful years in terms of career, relationship, finance, health and travel. New year in Vietnam is believed to bring happiness and enthusiasm in everyone's life and is the most important time of the year for harvesting and people in this community.

According to the Vietnamese calendar, which is the lunar calendar, new year is celebrated from February 12 and lasts for 7 days. People in Vietnam eagerly wait for the new year celebration and start preparing for the eve and the 7 days of celebration a few months earlier. Some go out for shopping whereas some plan an eventful day with friends and family by organizing a trip to one of their favorite destination spots.

Vietnamese commonly rejoice by purchasing new clothes for the festive season, get a haircut, visit their relatives, eat special treats and play traditional games organized keeping in mind the occasion and theme. Many traditional ceremonies are performed in regard to welcome the new year in both traditional and stylish way. Families, friends and relatives exchange gifts with each other wishing each other a warm new year and a great year ahead.

New Years Eve in Vietnam

New years eve in Vietnam is performed in both traditional and cultural way, keeping in mind the traditional ceremonies of their ancestors and the fun and entertainment the young generation looks forward to on special occasions. Family members exchange gifts with each other blessing each other a successful year ahead and pay homage to the kitchen god. Vietnam people also visit local temples to pray and pray for good health, prosperity and success. During Tet which is a 7 day long new year celebration, Vietnamese families plant new years tree known as Cay Neu in front of their homes. They normally grow bamboo which is known as Cay Neu. All the leaves are removed from the tree and wrapped and decorated with red paper which is a sign of good luck.