New Year in Persia

New year in Persia is known as Nowruz. This is a name of the Iranian new year in the Iranian calendars. Persian new year is celebrated and observed by iranic people. They celebrate this occasion with traditions and cultural activities. The occasion is not only popular only in Persia but it is widely spread in many parts of the world including central Asia, Caucasus, south Asia, northwestern china, the Crimea and some groups in Balkans because the Persian people are spread all across these places.

According to the Iranian calendar, Nowruz marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the year. The occasion is celebrated on the day of astronomical vernal equinox which usually occurs on March 21 or depending on where it is observed. An official announcement is made about the date of Persian new year so that people can start planning for the eve at the earliest and make the most of it on the new year day.

New year in Persia is a family oriented festival, it marks the first day of spring. Therefore families and closest friends get together and set together around the half sin table to offer their prayers of happiness and good luck. After the prayer is completed, all the family members kiss each other. As soon as the ceremony is performed, another tradition called sabzeh is practiced in which lentil or wheat is thrown by the family members in the running water which helps get rid of bad luck and evil spirits.

New Years Eve in Persia

New years eve in Persia is an important festival of the year. Where traditions and ceremonies play an important role in Persia new year, food is also an important part of Nowruz. Lavish dinner is prepared in every Persian family and they enjoy the delicious delicacies on the dinner table together and chat having fun with each others company.

The traditional Persian new year dinner table food includes a proper arrangement of wines and hallelujah. When it comes to meals, special rice with fish, kuku sabzi, sabzi polo and other herbs are served. Sizdeh bedar, a noodle soup is another popular and well known delicacy for new year dinner. Apart from the mouth watering traditional dinner, Several new year cultural programs are also organized for celebrating the Persian new year every year in almost every part of Persia or Iran including traditional dance forms like Kurdish dance, Azari dance, Shomali dance and bandari dance.