New Year in US

New year in US marks the beginning of a fresh year ahead. New years eve in United States is a social observance and on this day many grand parties are held where people celebrate the new year with great joy, pleasure, enthusiasm, and zeal. It is an occasion celebrated with elegant formal parties and family oriented activities. New years day in US falls on January 1 and marks the beginning of a new year according to the Gregorian calendar.

According to the US traditions and belief, new year marks the end of new years eve celebrations and gives many Americans a opportunity to remember the previous year. Celebration at the country side is truly overwhelming and mainly starts at midnight heralded by the fireworks, parties and special events. For many Americans, it is a day of recovery from the new years eve celebrations the previous night. Various events, carnivals, grand new year parties, games, parades and many other live shows are organized throughout the country.

Moreover, the birth of the first baby on new years is considered very auspicious among families and celebrated with gifts presented to the kids parents. New year in US is also popular for making new year resolutions. Some of the common new year resolutions are to stop drinking alcohol, smoking, to lose weight, to follow a good diet and regime and live a healthier lifestyle.

It is usually found that in US, ringing in the new year is accompanied by sometimes raucous parties that extend to the morning of January 1. While new year is a day to spend with family and closest friends but people in US love partying hard on every occasion. They are party lovers and find themselves happier partying with friends.

New Years Eve in US

New years eve in US is celebrated on January 1 ever year. The preparations for the eve start months prior to the new year week because people in US have a great planning. They either organize parties, invite their friends and family to have a cheerful time together or visit a nightclub and rock and roll the whole night with their friends or beloved, cheering up and ringing in the new year in style. New years eve in US is an official holiday, therefore, it gives a wonderful opportunity to all those who love to stay back to their home and enjoy a leisure time together with family.