New Year in India

New year in india is observed as a national festival. People in india have always been excitingly waiting for every year for celebrating every new year in a unique way. The holiday is special because it is celebrated irrespective of any community, caste or ethnicity. There are many cities and states in India and every city has celebrates new year in a different way but the purpose and theme of the festive day remains the same as always.

Owing to the vast cultural and ethnic diversity of India, new years day is celebrated in a different way every time. Breathtaking fireworks are cracked all over the important and major cities of India as soon as the clock revolves to twelve. India is a culturally rich country. Different regions follow different cultures but new year is an occasion which is celebrated irrespective of any tradition or culture.

To welcome then new year in a different way every year, Indians make the best possible effort to make the new year holiday special and memorable. One can see vibrant colors and distinctive lightnings all over the houses in India. The major cities are all dipped in the flavor of partying hard on the new year midnight. Many live shows, performances and events are organized in major Indian cities to welcome the new year in an entertaining and joyous way.

Dance competitions, sports events, dance performances, singing performances are organized for an entertaining and eventful new year celebration. As it is heavy winters on new years, many people prefer staying back at homes, spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying hot delicious new year dinner prepared by their mother.

New Years Eve in India

New years eve in india is a special holiday time all over india. The different states and cities in india celebrate the new year in its own unique ways but the specialty of the festival has always kept everyone united when it comes to celebration. india comprises of many different cities and states that have their own traditions and customs.

Diwali is an important festival all across india but diwali is observed as a marwari new year whereas baisakhi is considered as Punjabi new year. Similarly, many states and religions celebrate new year on of the their traditional festivals. On this day, people visit their relatives and give away new year gifts to each other wishing each other a blessed and successful years ahead.