New Year in Tibet

New year in Tibet is known as Losar according to the Tibetan language. In Tibet, new year is celebrated very traditionally. Various traditional ceremonies take place and at the end of the day, tasty Tibetan food is served along with mouth watering beverages to welcome the new year beautifully and with complete excitement. Tibet new year usually falls on the 25th day of the 10th month according to the Tibetan calendar which occurs in late January or early February.

The celebration goes on for long one week and at this time; larders are stocked with grain and meat because people eat sumptuous meals, offer prayers to their family deities ad visit nearby monasteries to worship their lord and get blessings for a blissful year ahead. New year is an important day in Tibet. It is a long 15 day celebration and the first three days are the most important days of celebration. being one of the most widely celebrated and most awaited holidays in Tibet, this festival is a feast of thanksgiving and is celebrated along with Chinese new year.

The ethnic flavor and charismatic events and activities that are traditional yet fun loving are some of the entertaining parts of the new year in Tibet. The Tibetan cultural follows the lunar calendar and celebrate accordingly, keeping in mind the ancestral traditions and the purpose of the eve.

If you are planning to visit Tibet this new year, you are surely going to experience an extravagant time together with your family and friends. Because new year in Tibet is a mixture of world class celebration, parties, traditional activities and events that cheer up and add an extra festive mood to the entire celebration.

New Years Eve in Tibet

Celebrating new years eve in Tibet is not only exciting but is a lifetime experience because people residing in Tibet celebrate new year very traditionally, following all the ancestral traditions and the demand of young generation. Various parties and events are organized across the city where visitors from across the world and residents visit and spend joyous time ringing in the new year with fun and zeal.

Earlier, the celebrations used to take place with flowering of the apricot tree therefore; new year is symbolized with cultivation, irrigation, refining iron from ore and bridge construction. The 2024 new year in Tibet is not too far. It is just about to arrive with all the good luck and success for its people. New year in Tibet is a time to say good bye to the previous year and welcome the new year with new and fresh spirits of hope, and enthusiasm.