New Year in Cambodia

New years are always celebrated to welcome the fresh year ahead, with new beginnings, thoughts and to welcome good times. Similarly, Cambodian new year also focuses on the celebration that is motivated to bring smiles and happiness all around the city people. The Cambodian new year is also known as Khmer new year which is celebrated in the middle of the month of April every year.

Khmer new year is special for people residing in Cambodia because it aims to refresh the past into a good one. It not only aims at merry making and entertainment but also aims to bring better livelihood in the upcoming years ahead. Cambodian people always wish to have a better livelihood and wish to forget their past so that they can earn good things and follow them for years ahead in a better way.

Various traditional Khmer new year games and activities are organized for an eventful celebration because these games have their unique meaning besides entertainment. Apart from the Khmer games and other events, people visit their birth land to prey for the dead ancestors, they visit their parents or grandparents to pay respect to the traditions and love that they have showered on them. Khmer new year is one of the biggest occasions in Cambodia and they celebrate it with great joy and zeal.

From the decoration, dresses to the food prepared is truly an investment for them because especially when it comes to food, they believe to get in return the complete fun entertainment and last but not the least a good sleep after so much celebration throughout the day.

New Years Eve in Cambodia

New year eve in Cambodia during the shiny season can truly be a memorable idea if you are a budget traveler. Many travelers throughout the year visit Cambodia especially to explore out the beauty of the city. Great deals in terms of cheap hotels, and discount activities are also provided during the new year eve in Cambodia. So, if you are planning to make a trip to a place where you can not only spend quality time with your loved ones but also enjoy yourself at various theme events and games, then make sure to book your tickets for Cambodia because this is the place that offers everything for everyone. Parties, carnivals and huge celebrations go on for some weeks in the first month of the new year and people enjoy every bit and every moment of the new year to make it special and prosperous.