New Year in Russia

New year in Russia is celebrated in both old and new ways. Every country has its own traditions and way of celebration. Similarly, Russia also celebrates new year in a very traditional way keeping alive the modern celebration demand of the new generation. New year in Russia is an important holiday occasion celebrated with great pomp and show.

Various new year carnivals, events and live performances are organized for the visitors and Russian people to have a cheerful time together celebrating new year with their families and loved ones. Exploring Russian traditions has always been fun and interesting for any tourist. So, if you are planning a trip to Russia this new year, you are surely going to experience an ultimate lifetime experience by not only celebrating new year in a unique way but also by exploring out the culture, and traditions of the city.

Knowing the beautiful traditions and rituals of a nation like Russia has always impressed and overwhelmed tourists in some or the other way. Unlike any other country, new year in Russia is also celebrated on January 1. It is calculated on the basis of Gregorian calendar.

However, earlier new year was observed in the month of September but this practice was later changed in 1699, after the Czar peter read about the counting of years from the birth of Christ. kremin is a part of Russia and it celebrates new year in a most joyful and cheerful ways.

Over 50,000 and more people gather for the festivity and the tickets for the events taking place here are sold out weeks before the annual event. From the Russian meal to the cultural events held throughout Russia are all traditional and have a little touch of modernity which not only appeals youngsters but also attracts adults and elders.

New Years Eve in Russia

New years eve in Russia is associated with the new year tree which is called as 'Novogodnaya Yolka'. The tree is decorated like Christmas tree and is adorned with different sweets, topped with bright dazzling stars throughout the December month as this is the season of festivity. This symbolized tree is seen in every Russian home throughout the festive season. Preparations for the festival season begin months prior to new year in Russia, streets are decorated with toys, posters, flags, garlands, lights and new year banners all over the city.