New Year in France

New year in France is popularly known as La Saint-Sylvestre and is usually celebrated with a feast which is known as Reveillon de Saint-Sylvestre. New Year is a first day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar and is a public holiday in France. Many people spend the day with their family and friends by organizing a private part at their home, cheering up the delicious traditional French food, chatting up with friends and family members and enjoying the memorable moments with each other.

Many people in France start new years day at midnight whereas some begin preparing and celebrating for the eve from the first day of January. Some people plan out a trip to one of their destinations with their loved ones whereas some plan to party hard in the whole night at nightclubs and grand parties organized by their friends and family. New year is a great tie when you can meet all your closest friends together at one place wishing each other a warm and successful new year.

There is no better time than new year when you can actually enjoy a pleasure time with family and some of your closest friends by giving out a farewell to the old year and grand welcome to the new year with bliss and joy. In France, new year is celebrated with traditional activities events. A special feats is also prepared in the families to keep alive the traditional values of their ancestors and keep along the modern traditions and interests of the youngsters.

New Years Eve in France

New year eve in France is an ideal option to welcome the new year with bliss and joy. Celebrating new year overnight is a common tradition in France. People party hard in nightclubs and party hubs whereas some of them still love sitting back at home, enjoying their quality time with friends and family members. On new years, France organizes many traditional ceremonies as a part of which new year festive cake is commonly cut.

Some of the other traditional cakes such as pancakes, and foie grass on the platter are also served as a part of traditional meal king cakes are the special cakes eaten in France on the new years day as a part of the ancestral traditions. When it comes to public life, it is normally quiet on January 1 because everyone is busy celebrating and preparing for the eve in unique ways.